Strata Management

At Hill Strata Solutions, our commitment is to deliver a distinct and personalized service, where our clients transcend being mere numbers. Each Owners Corporation and its individual needs are meticulously tailored to provide a unique experience. As a boutique agency, we pride ourselves on offering customized services, deviating from the conventional 'one size fits all' approach.

Strata Management transcends mere record-keeping for Owners Corporations; it hinges on fostering strong client-manager relationships holding paramount significance beyond maintaining records for the Owners Corporation. We emphasized the development of robust relationships, enabling us to assist clients in efficiently running their Strata schemes.

Our Comprehensive Services

Initial Scheme Setup

For original owners and developers, Hill Strata Solutions offers comprehensive assistance in setting up newly registered strata schemes. From arranging strata insurance policies and managing finances to overseeing legislative documentation, we ensure a seamless process. Until the first Annual General Meeting, this service comes at no cost to the original owner/developer.

Dispute Resolution

We aid Owners of Corporations in addressing common issues such as parking and noise disputes, guiding committees through resolution processes. Our expertise extends to assisting with Tribunal applications and providing support in dispute resolution.


Hill Strata Solutions takes charge of arranging, attending, and chairing both Annual General Meetings and Strata Committee Meetings. We prioritize convenience by conducting meetings at your convenience at either your location, our Boardroom or via video conference whilst ensuring informative and productive sessions.

Financial Management

Utilising top-tier accounting software specialised in Strata Management, our team provides comprehensive accounting services. The MRI software streamlines levy statements, bank reconciliations, and easy-to-follow financial reports, allowing transparent monitoring of the Owners Corporation's financial position.


With a focus on compliance, our electronic-based record system ensures efficient filing and easy accessibility of documents. This minimises storage costs for the Owners Corporation, allowing swift access to documents via email or printed copies by post.

Repairs & Maintenance

We prioritize quality workmanship and engage skilled local tradesmen for our client's services. All contractors recommended by us are fully qualified and insured, ensuring impeccable service delivery.


We oversee the renewal of Building Insurance in compliance with legislation, obtaining competitive quotations and managing insurance claims on behalf of the Owners Corporation.

By-Laws & Compliance

Offering guidance on contraventions and breaches of by-laws, our team assists Strata Committees in managing such issues, providing necessary letters, notices, and guidance in Tribunal applications. Additionally, we provide expertise on compliance matters under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, ranging from Fire Safety Statements to Asbestos Management, ensuring Owners Corporations meet their legal obligations.

At Hill Strata Solutions, our dedication lies in guiding Owners Corporations through seamless, compliant, and efficient Strata Management. We serve as partners, ensuring peace of mind and streamlined operations for our valued clients.

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